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Information about the Centre

Each year, the Dr K. Jonscher Municipal Medical Centre treats more than 14,000 inpatients and 185,000 outpatients. A well-developed health care network is based on important pillars ranging from primary health care, through specialist consultations to hospitalization. The Centre is owned by the City of Łódź. This flagship hospital is well managed, debt free, and ideas for its development have been worked out.
Over the past few years, the operation of the Centre has been expanded by incorporating two other institutions: the Dr H. Jordan 4th Municipal Hospital located at ul. Przyrodnicza and the Municipal Clinic located at ul. Lecznicza to create one health care complex for the inhabitants of the Łódź conurbation.
In the Hospital at ul. Przyrodnicza two wards have been formed, the operation of which is focused mainly on the Łódź seniors. They are: Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Ward and Internal Medicine, Geriatrics and Diabetology Ward.
Today, it is the largest provider of health care to elderly people in the Łódź region. The activity of the Hospital in this area had been recognized by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, which gave us specialist medical equipment that we use in the treatment of elderly patients. As many as 63 percent of elderly people complain of three or more disorders related, for example, to cardiovascular system, locomotor system, balance disorders, urinary incontinence and memory disturbances. In an ageing society it is a major challenge to the health care system. According to data from the National Health Fund, every third patient hospitalized in our country is over 60 years old.
The facility at ul. Milionowa is the largest in this municipal complex of medical services. Here, there are surgical wards, emergency department, administration, laboratory and diagnostic section. Also a new three-storey building is under construction, here. It will house a new operating theatre and central sterilization department. There will also be room for the ICU and Ophthalmology Ward. The new pavilion will be connected with the rest of the hospital. The first patients will be admitted to the new hospital in 2015 and the entire refurbishment of building A will be completed in the first half of 2016.
Specialist outpatient clinics and primary health care clinics are located in the Health Centre at ul. Lecznicza 6. In the Health Centre there are dentistry, physiotherapy, dermatology, neurology, gynaecology, general surgery, trauma-orthopaedic surgery, otolaryngology and ophthalmology outpatient clinics. Soon, we will expand the scope of health care services to include geriatrics, allergology and diabetology.
A quality management system for medical services in the field of hospital treatment, outpatient specialist care and rehabilitation and diagnostics confirmed by TUV Nord audit has been in operation in the Centre for 7 years. In 2012, the Centre received an Accreditation Certificate from the Minister of Health confirming compliance with the accreditation standards for hospital treatment. In the "Bezpieczny Szpital 2014" ["Safe Hospital 2014"] ranking published by Rzeczpospolita, an opinion-forming newspaper, we gained 86th position in the country. The Centre was also awarded a honourable mention in the "Gepardy Biznesu" ["Business Cheetah"] competition for effectiveness of operation. The facility has also received a nationwide "Rzetelni w Ochronie Zdrowia" ["Reliable in Healthcare"] certificate for looking after the welfare of patients and staff. Forbes Diamonds awarded two years ago confirm the financial value of the Centre and its position among other companies. Each year the Centre is awarded certificates and prizes by independent experts. The Centre is active in the Polish Federation of Hospitals, an organization that operates on the healthcare market to improve the funding of medical institutions and to ensure better patient care.
Patients treated at the Centre can always count on care provided by highly competent physicians, are attended with care and kindness, and know that the patient is the most important person here. This mission has been conducted by all employees for over 130 years; the Jonscher Hospital (currently the Dr K. Jonscher Municipal Medical Centre) is the oldest medical facility in Łódź, which obligates all its employees to maintain the highest standards of treatment. The patients are often asked to assess their stay at the hospital so that the hospital staff can improve all elements of health care on an ongoing basis.
If it weren't for the staff of the Centre, we would not be able to achieve the success in the treatment of our patients. They put their knowledge, skills and hearts to make our patients smile and undergo treatment.
The old empire of the "Cotton King" is vibrant with life. Doctors and nurses watch over the sick round the clock to understand their needs and emotions, and above all, to restore them to health.
The attention to the health of our patients is our priority.
Contact us: by phone at: 0048/42/ 67617-90 or 0048/42/ 672-19-81
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